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Watch: KZN robbers attack surgery patient in broad daylight [video]

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

Footage taken from a surgery in KwaDukuza, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) shows how a patient was attacked by three robbers in broad daylight.

KZN robbers target unsuspecting surgery patient

Based on the timestamp of the CCTV footage, the incident took place at approximately 16:08 on Wednesday.

A man can be clearly seen waiting outside of the surgery office, his hands firmly clasping a briefcase as he waited on for what we would assume was a vehicle to pick him up.

Maybe he was waiting for a friend inside the surgery, we don’t know. No information from authorities has been released because we don’t know if the victim filed any attempted robbery charges.

Moments later, three men are seen entering the frame of the footage at the 00:05 mark. They pretend to be regular unsuspecting folk just strolling along the sidewalk until at 00:09, all three suspects suddenly turn towards the gentleman holding the briefcase and attack him.

Mind you, this brazen robbery attempt took place outside of an operating surgery office in broad daylight. In the video, you can see passers-by watching on as the robbers tried with all their might, to remove the briefcase from the gentleman’s grasp.

At one point, a staff member of the surgery office steps outside to witness the robbers on top of the gentleman, pulling and tugging at him.

This scuffle goes on for about 13 seconds before the robbers flee, leaving a man distraught from an encounter that could have cost him his life.

Watch: Brave gentleman wins scuffle against three robbers

Suffice it to say, his bravery was not the smartest response but it paid off because he managed to keep the briefcase. However, we can’t confirm if he was able to shield whatever other belongings he may have kept in his pockets from the depraved robbers.

You can watch the video, in full, below.