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Watch: KZN hitmen caught executing hit on CCTV [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 18.01.2021

Three gunmen were caught on CCTV as they dropped a hail of gunfire at a parked vehicle.

CCTV footage of an alleged hit carried out by three armed suspects in Bluff, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) has done the rounds on social media, leaving many locals shaken.

Renowned crime reporter Yusuf Abramjee posted the video on his Twitter feed, claiming that the shooting was an alleged hit on the victim driving the dark-coloured vehicle.

This could not be verified since our attempts to reach Bluff police were unsuccessful.

Watch: KZN alleged hitmen caught on CCTV

A CCTV camera set up near the town’s residential complex captured the scenes of violence that have left many watchers shaken by the gall displayed by the alleged hitmen.

A dark-coloured vehicle was seen pulling into a driveway, shortly before a silver sedan pulled up behind it and three jumped out with their guns drawn.

Soon, flashes of gunfire were seen in the grainy footage. From what we could make from it, it appears that three armed men were shooting at the parked vehicle.

The shooting only lasted for a few seconds before the three suspects ran back into their vehicle and peeled away.

What was the shooting about?

At this time, little to no information has trickled out of Buff’s tight-lipped police community. It is not known if this, indeed, is an active investigation. We also could not get updates on the victim’s condition.

This is a developing story