Watch: Hillbrow blood-curdling murder caught on CCTV [video]

3 May 2021 - 10:32

Multiple robberies and a blood-curdling murder-robbery — all caught on CCTV — made for a bloody weekend in Hillbrow, JHB.

Written by Andile Sicetsha

Johannesburg police are investigating a series of crimes that were reported in Hillbrow this past weekend, including a harrowing murder that was caught on CCTV footage.

Hillbrow: Random crimes on the up in Joburg town

The settlement located north of Braamfontein is renowned for its high levels of crime but, perhaps, this past weekend was the most violent it has been in a while.

From robberies in broad daylight, to a cold-blooded murder, the streets of Hillbrow were a no-venture zone for civilians who are not clued up on the area.

This video footage, taken on Saturday, shows how a woman who was in conversation with a friend on a Hillbrow side street fell victim to a snatch-and-dash.

This robbery was filmed on the same day by a nearby onlooker, who watched helplessly as a civilian was accosted by two armed men in full view of passers-by who were totally desensitized to the crime.

Watch: CCTV footage of blood-curdling murder

Perhaps, the most blood-curdling incident that took place in Hillbrow this weekend was a ruthless murder that caught on CCTV. At this time, not much information is available on the victim’s identity. Our attempts to obtain a statement from the police were unsuccessful at the time this article was published.

From the footage, a man is seen walking towards the corners of Ockerse and Edith Cavell Street, totally oblivious to the fact that he is being trailed by an armed suspect.

The unidentified gun-wielding man is observed looking around for eyewitnesses before he runs up from behind and fires a gunshot at victim’s head, at close range.

He doubles down with two more close-range gunshots and appears to remove an unidentified object from the victim before he runs off into the night.

A possible eyewitness who drove past the crime scene as the suspect dashed across the road and into the darkness could be crucial in piecing together what — on the surface — appears to be a random act of murder.

With no official statement from authorities, it is presumed that the case is still active and that the suspect is still at large.

WARNING: The video attached below contains highly graphic imagery. Sensitive viewers are urged to avoid watching. Viewers’ discretion is strongly advised.