durban beachgoers

Durban beachgoers caught breaking lockdown regulations [video]

Posted by Afika Peters

It seems for these Durban beachgoers, the choice was to either bake in the heat that hung over the city this past weekend, or flout lockdown regulations by camping out on the beach.

The latter — right or wrong — was the best option for many. As seen in the video below, these Durbanites could care less about spreading the coronavirus (Covid-19), as they enjoyed a day out on the North Coast.

Watch: Durban beachgoers chased away from North Coast

The fun outing was shortlived, however. As more beachgoers descended on the beach, Durban police were forced to take action.

A team of officers was deployed to the North Coast and this video captures the moment beachgoers caught sight of the boys in blue.

At this time, it is not known if any of the beachgoers were arrested.

Covid-19 in KwaZulu-Natal: What’s the latest?

The video above can be taken as a clear sign of people’s attitude towards the deadly pathogen. As the days under lockdown roll by, it has become extremely difficult to abide by Level 3 regulations.

Still, such irresponsible behaviour is part of the reason why Covid-19 continues to surge, especially in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), a province that has quickly become the second most-infected in South Africa.

According to the latest Covid-19 statistics, released by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) on Sunday, KZN currently has 82 300 total confirmed cases, 37 127 of which are recoveries and 875 deaths.

In reality, the region has 44 298 active Covid-19 cases and is expected to reach its peak in the next few weeks.

At this stage, the ramifications of the display we witnessed above can’t be measured.