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Watch: Cash-in-transit van robbed in KZN [video]

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Eyewitnesses who watched on in horror as a cash-in-transit van was robbed may be key to helping police piece together the events that unfolded at uMhlathuze bridge, near Nkandla KZN, on Monday.

Watch: Cash-in-transit van robbed in KZN

The video footage of the robbery was captured by workers at a nearby office park, who watched on from the window as an unknown number of armed men charged at the stationery cash van.

In the video, you can hear the voice of the person filming the robbery as they try and make sense of what they were witnessing.

It’s said that a cash van security was forced out of the driver’s side and eyewitnesses were almost sure he was going to be killed. However, at this time, it is unclear if any of the CIT staff were harmed in the robbery.

Here’s how long it took police to get to the crime scene

According to eyewitnesses, it took the robbers about five minutes to disarm and remove the cash van guards from the truck, blow it up and make off with large sacks of money.

At this time, no reports have surfaced on the exact amount of money that was stolen. KZN police were called to the scene of the robbery and witnesses in the video claim that it took about seven minutes for a team of officers to arrive at uMhlathuze bridge where, by then, only the remains of the burned truck were found.

From what we understand, the suspects involved in the brazen robbery are still at large. Our attempts to get comment from uMhlathuzo police were unsuccessful.