Watch: Brakpan man stalked and robbed after ATM withdrawal [video]

Andile Sicetsha - 21.11.2020

This Brakpan man had no idea he was being followed, after he made a large ATM withdrawal.

Video footage of a brazen robbery that took place outside of a convenience store in Dalview, Brakpan, has surfaced on social media.

Brakpan man stalked and robbed in broad daylight

According to crime microbloggers Intelligence Bureau SA, the incident happened on Friday 20 November 2020.

The victim, driving a black bakkie, was seen entering the store parking lot on Craigholm Street. What he may not have known is that behind him, was a white vehicle carefully trailing him.

The white vehicle, carrying an unknown number of suspects, cautiously entered the lot and parked far enough to not alert the victim.

It was only when the man got out of his bakkie that the armed suspects pounced on him. The suspects carefully combed through the vehicle while the man stood with a loaded firearm pointed at this face.

With little else to do, the victim complied with the suspects’ demands and handed over a large sum of money. At this time, with no statements from the police, details around this incident are sketchy.

However, reports confirm the victim was stalked by the robbers after he had made a considerably large withdrawal at a nearby ATM.

Watch: Robbers stalk and rob victim

The condition of the victim is not known, at this stage. Moreover, the suspects involved in the brazen robbery were still at large, at the time this article was published.

The full video of the robbery can be watched below: