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Beer looters hit the big score with crashed liquor truck [video]

Published by Andile Sicetsha

Christmas came early for a bunch of looters who were at the Great Kei/ Near Kei Bridge, between Butterworth and East London, when a beer truck toppled over on Tuesday morning.

Watch: Beer looters make off with cases after liquor truck accident

The usually busy bridge was at a standstill after a heavy-duty truck carrying loads of cases of beer was involved in an accident.

The congestion in traffic was, however, not caused by the truck since it had been cleared to the side of the busy road. Motorists not involved in the looting watched on as a large crowd of opportunists ran out of their cars and dashed for the cases of beer.

The person recording the footage panned across the road and captured scenes of people running off with the cases and quickly stashing them into their respective vehicles.

At this time, the condition of the truck driver and any persons involved in the accident can not be confirmed. Crime reporter Yusuf Aramjee posted the video of the looting and you can watch it below:

Is looting a crime in South Africa?

There is no easy answer to this. While, in general terms, looting is deemed as a punishable offence, few cases exist where a looter was sentenced to jail time for stealing from a business.

In the case of the liquor truck, the company that suffered financial loss due to the looting has the right to institute charges against the individuals seen in the viral clip.

But, this has the potential to turn into a long-drawn-out and expensive research assignment that frankly isn’t worth any business’ time.

In this scenario, the company may cut its losses and write-off the expense as spillage and move on. For the looters, free cases of beer at a time where restrictions on liquor have throttled the festive season is a cherished early Christmas gift.