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Woman robbed outside Sandton complex [video]

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

The frightening encounter a Sandton woman had with armed robbers was recorded on CCTV cameras of the apartment complex she resides in.

Sandton woman attacked outside her complex

The unidentified woman was driving down Petroy Drive in the leafy Johannesburg suburb on Monday afternoon, unaware that she was being tailed by a silver vehicle occupied by at least three armed robbers.

Immediately after she stopped in front of the complex, presumably waiting for the automatic security gate to open, the suspects’ vehicle double-parked behind the woman’s car and two men jumped out wielding weapons.

One of the suspects approached an area of the residential complex we believe to be the security office. He appeared to make gestures with his weapon, possibly sending a clear warning to the individual out of frame to not interject with the robbery.

What did the suspects take?

The woman’s identity can’t be made out properly in the footage but we briefly see her trapped in the driver’s seat as an armed man directs her to open the trunk.

We can’t confirm if anything was taken from her person but the video does show one suspect removing an unknown item from the car’s trunk.

The two men casually walk to their car, unperturbed by their brazen acts, and the video ends as they are about to leave.

Fortunately, no persons were injured in the robbery. More details will be included in updates that will trickle in as more information is relayed to us.

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The video was shared on social media by crime reporter Yusuf Abramjee. You can watch it below: