Sandown creche security kills hijacker, saves mom [video]

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

The story of this creche security officer from Sandown, Johannesburg, ought to be scripted in South Africa’s next action hero blockbuster.

Creche mom hijacked in Sandown

Nothing about Wednesday morning was ordinary for the unidentified woman who was accosted by an unknown number of armed suspects outside of a creche in Sandown, an affluent Joburg suburb.

Thankfully, the woman may be indebted to the creche’s nightguard for springing into action when he did, essentially saving her life.

According to renowned microblogger @crimeairnetwork, the suspects attacked the woman in her silver Mercedes Benz C200 as she parked outside the creche.

Creche security guard kills hijack suspect

Fortunately, the nightguard had witnessed the hijacking incident and drawn his weapon to help the woman. It’s believed the perpetrators saw the security guard and wasted no time in sending a hail of bullets his way.

However, they all missed and the guard responded with targeted gunshots, killing one of the suspects instantly while the others, clearly shaken by the confrontation, sped off in black Volkswagen Golf GTI and the victim’s car.

This is where the vehicle was recovered

The woman was unharmed in the incident and after an all-points-bulletin was sent out by Sandown police, the C200 was found abandoned 5.4km away in the densely-populated township of Alexandra.

The suspects who, at this stage, are unknown by name, identity or number, are still at large. The woman, it’s believed, survived the ordeal with her car returned safely to her.

Thanks to the Sandown security’s vigilance and proactive action, we did not have to report on a much darker outcome.