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RAM couriers in Gauteng: Two vans robbed this morning

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

Events of the past week suggest that armed robbers in areas like Ennerdale and Randburg, and other parts of Gauteng, have taken a keen interest in RAM courier vans.

Two RAM courier vans hit on Tuesday morning

About a week ago, we reported an armed robbery incident that took place in Ennerdale. The video sparked outrage on social media, showing how meticulous and brazen the suspects were in robbing the RAM courier van in broad daylight.

Well, two similar incidents took place on Tuesday morning, according to renowned crime reporter Yusuf Abramjee. It’s believed that a RAM courier van was targeted by armed robbers on Maltese Street, in Randburg.

From the image posted below, the courier van can be seen abandoned in the street with all of the delivery contents removed.

Only a few minutes later, Abramjee reported that another courier van was taken down about 19KM away in Nenta PI, Westchester Hills, a suburb on the south side of Johannesburg.

According to reports, an unknown number of suspects accosted the RAM driver, stole the goods and sped off in a white Nissan Almera.

Gauteng syndicate hones in on delivery vans

That makes it two delivery vans robbed at day-break, in Gauteng. The trend, Abramjee warned in a Citizen article, is being overlooked by law enforcement and the courier company.

“I have raised the issue with one or two companies and they referred me to the industry. It seems the industry is not interested,” he said.

RAM couriers, the freight company hit the hardest by this spate of armed robberies, has not issued a public statement on this past week’s events.

The extent of the financial loss suffered to this new crime trend is also not known at this stage. For Abramjee, one thing is clear:

“Criminals seem to be targeting electronics and other expensive items.”