Johannesburg motorist kills alleged toy-gun robber

Published by Andile Sicetsha

An unidentified motorist has been held for questioning by the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) after a man was killed at the Faraday taxi rank, on Monday.

Johannesburg shooting: Here’s what we know

Details around the shooting incident that was witnessed by many commuters who rely on the transit services of the Faraday taxi rank, are starting to trickle in.

From a statement released by JMPD, a motorist whose identity is unknown, as yet, has been identified as the shooter. While the motive behind the shooting is the subject of an ongoing investigation, metro police were able to confirm that the motorist claims he reacted in self-defence.

According to preliminary evidence collected at the taxi rank, it’s believed the victim was not so innocent. In fact, JMPD stated that the man, also unknown at this stage, was attempting to rob the motorist of his cellphone and other belongings, using a toy gun.

Reacting swiftly, the motorist drew his loaded weapon and fired back at the alleged robber who died on the scene.

“Officers responded to a shooting incident at Faraday Taxi Rank in the Joburg CBD where one male was shot by a motorist after he tried robbing him of his cellphone using a toy gun. Medics declared the suspect dead on the scene,” JMPD wrote.

Will the motorist face criminal charges?

The matter now rests with the law, and if South Africa’s air-tight regulations on firearm control are anything to go by, then the motorist may not get away with this unscathed.

Most likely, authorities will confirm the status of the firearm. If it is licenced and registered, further checks on existing case dockets involving the firearm’s serial number will be done.

From a usage perspective, authorities will assess whether the motorist was within his rights to use the firearm in a no-gun zone.

If culpability is found on the side of the motorist, then they may face charges related to the contravention of the Firearms Control Act, where the maximum penalty is 25 years imprisonment.

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