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Gqeberha mom accused of trying to sell newborn twins

Andile Sicetsha - 04.06.2021

It’s alleged that the Gqeberha mom wanted R50 a day and a portion of the twins’ monthly social grants.

Thanks to the swift action taken by Gqeberha authorities, a woman’s twisted plot to sell her children for R50 a day was foiled and the newborn twins will have another chance at starting a life rid of suffrage.

Gqeberha police uncover woman’s twisted plot

The unidentified woman from Uitenhage and two other suspects have been in custody since Thursday. The trio faces human trafficking charges after a tip-off helped police uncover a plot allegedly masterminded by the mother who, according to spokesperson Captain Yolisa Mgolodela, sold her five-day old twins to feed her drug addiction.

In a statement, Capt. Mgolodela revealed that the tip-off on the twins’ trafficking came in on Wednesday 2 June. The anonymous source informed authorities that “the mother of the five days old twin girls was reportedly looking for a buyer for her toddlers.”

By the time police could assemble a multi-disciplinary team to investigate the claim, it’s believed the children were already in the care of their ‘buyers’.

“The joint team of law enforcers followed the lead to a house in Uitenhage where the alleged prospective buyer was arrested and the babies rescued. The mother of the twins and one other suspect were also arrested,” Mgolodela said.

Mgolodela further revealed that the twins were had to be rushed to the hospital for critical treatment, since at the time they were found, “they were dehydrated and severely malnourished.”

Perhaps, the most shocking aspect of this sordid case is the woman’s alleged motives behind selling her babies. According to information solicited from one of the arrested suspects, it’s claimed that the mother had waged a deal to earn R50 a day from her buyers.

What’s the latest on the twins?

Also, once the babies were successfully registered for social grants, she would be entitled to a portion every month.

This boggling claim and many other shockers are expected from this tale when matters are taken to trial. The woman and the two suspects will appear before the Uitenhage Magistrate Court on Monday 7June, to enter their plea.

The twins, once discharged, with be transferred to a haven until further arrangements are made.