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Alleged Germiston card scammer attacked by mob [video]

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

This alleged card scammer from Germiston were dealt instant karma by an angry mob and the entire ordeal was captured on video.

Germiston alleged card scammer dealt with

Details around the incident are still very sketchy. However, according to reports on social media, a male suspect was attacked by an angry mob of East Rand locals after it was alleged that he had conned ATM clients at the Germiston shopping centre.

There have also been reports of more than one alleged card scammer but in the video clips we observed, we only saw one male suspect.

From what we could make out, the man seated in the silver vehicle may have been assaulted by the mob. His clothes were torn and he had visible bruises on his face and torso, with spats of blood smudged along the getaway vehicle.

Voices in the large crowd could be heard crying, “where is the money? What did you do with our money?” Before things could escalate any further, Germiston police descended on the scene.

The male suspect was cuffed and hauled into the van. It remains unclear if he has been charged with any card fraud-related crime.

Safety tips for the next time you use an ATM

Now more than ever, card scams are at an all-time high and they get sophisticated by the day. There are, however, general guidelines that can shield ATM users from being scammed. The police have a detailed guide on the precautions to take when using ATM machines in South Africa.

Here are some of the most relevant tips to take note of the next time you approach an ATM:

  • Be alert and conscious of your surroundings when using the ATM
  • Never give your card or PIN( Personal Identification Number) to anyone, for any reason
  • Do not insert your card until asked to do so by the display screen
  • Never use an ATM with a blank screen and, if the ATM is obscured from view or poorly lit, leave immediately and find another ATM
  • Stand close to the ATM and use your body and hand as a shield to make sure nobody sees you keying in your pin
  • Make sure you keep your hand over the card slot to make sure nobody can swop or take your card
  • Never accept help from strangers when using an ATM. You should be wary of strangers asking for help
  • If your card is retained (swallowed) by the ATM it is advisable to phone your bank toll-free stop card line immediately and stop your card
  • Never allow a bystander to call the toll-free stop card line on your behalf- they could be tricking you into thinking your card has been stopped