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Intelligence unit launched to combat cash-in-transit heists

Posted by Andile Sicetsha

Police Minister Bheki Cele found out very quickly that getting rid of cash-in-transit syndicates would not be an easy feat.

SAPS launches crime intelligence unit for cash-in-transit heists

He was also hit with a daunting truth: Not only is South Africa’s police force outnumbered by these highly strategic criminals, but they also pack a deadlier arsenal.

As reported by eNCA, SAPS’ National Crime Combatting Forum gathered in Pretoria, on Saturday, for a meeting where the only subject on the agenda was cash-in-transit heists.

Coincidentally, earlier that day, a Fidelity depot in the capital was struck by a team of armed robbers who made off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Until now, there had previously been no outright plan-of-action to addressing this scourge that has had a negative impact on the economy.

The NCCF resolved that reactivating the specialised crime intelligence unit that was disbanded in 2019 was the first step to combatting cash-in-transit heists.

Ex-Hawks head Johan Booysen applauded the move, stating that the problem with SAPS’ response to such crimes is the lack of intelligence gathering and sharing.

“What concerns me is the lack of intelligence from the intelligence agencies. These robberies are planned months ahead. They acquire stolen vehicles, explosives, jammer equipment.

“The organisation is elaborate. I can’t see how it is possible that our intelligence services can’t get to the bottom of this, infiltrate these syndicates and expose them,” he told the cited publication.

When will this specialised unit be launched?

The police have remained mum about the outcomes of the NCCF meeting, possibly a calculated move to prevent crucial tactical information from leaking to the targeted syndicates.

However, we do know from the little tidbits of information shared by SAPS that a plan is in place to kickstart the intelligence operation as early as this festive season.