YoungstaCPT makes a statement on his ‘Kleurling’ visuals [video]

Ntsika Novoyi - 05.05.2021

YoungstaCPT get’s political on his ‘Kleurling’ visuals speaking on the true thoughts of his community.

Cape Town rapper, YoungstaCPT, dropped the visuals to his track Kleurling, coming off his 2019 debut album titled 3T.

Kleurling: Our thoughts on the YoungstaCPT visual

YoungstaCPT has always been vocal about standing up for his people.

The 1 000’s Mistakes rapper hadn’t released any of his own work since his 2019 album, 3T.

However, he felt this music video had to come to life, visualizing what has been running through his mind.

In this music video, he continued to do that, rapping about the struggles the Cape Coloured community had to endure in their pasts.

The music video is set up in a mosque, having the Main Ou’s rapper spit his bars while wearing a tradition Muslim outfit.

We got more shots of the Cape Flats with glimpses of the coloured community living their daily lives in their neighborhoods.

The video ends off with a powerful statement by a man explaining the reason why Cape coloureds are defined as that.

We got some beautiful shots in this music video.

We saw some great shots of the bright mosque, the dusty streets of the Cape Flats, and the Cape coasts that Youngsta strolled through.

The music video was produced by Paper Digital and they did a brilliant job at reviving this 2019 track.

Check out the music video, now available on YouTube.

What are fans reaction to the music video?

The Yasis rapper has always been an ambassador for his community.

Recently he even made a tweet stating that he has always been frustrated with being defined as a coloured.

He’s continued to keep the discussion going, talking about how his people feel and this music video had people talking.

It’s clear to see the people also feel the same way, praising the Cape Town rapper for his powerful movement.

Here are some of the reactions the Wes-Kaap rapper received over on social media.