Witty Leigh

Why Witty Keigh is next up in the Cape Town rap scene

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

We were fortunate enough to grab an interview with rising Cape Town musician Witty Keigh who’s been blowing up after the release of his hit single titled Got It.

What we learned from the Witty Keigh interview?

Over a quick chat with the rapper, we found out how he pushed himself to becoming a musician, his goals, and more about his music.

Who is Witty Keigh?

Witty Keigh is a musician who is fresh on the Cape Town radar, having recently released his hit-single Got It, so we wanted to know a bit more about who Witty Keigh is and how he came about becoming a musician.

“Witty Keigh is a 21-year-old rapper from the Eastern Cape, but currently based in Cape Town,” he started.

“I started my music career through writing songs using other people’s beats and performed them unrecorded at the age of 17 so at that moment I was still in the villages so there was a lack of equipment and knowledge about the music industry and all that,” he continued.

“I was still learning and focusing more on getting that knowledge by myself,” added the rapper.

Knowing all this information, we dug deeper into finding out what got him to take music seriously.

“I made a name for myself at West Coast College which is situated in Atlantis whereby I performed and was hailed for being the best performer in that school event amongst a variety of musicians who performed at the event,” answered the rapper.

What’s next for the rapper?

Witty just released his single Got It which impressed leading to our next question which was if the rapper had any more songs in the works and if he was in project mode.

“Yeah I do have singles coming but I’m not sure when and how many there are but I am preparing some singles,” he responded.

“Also the mixtape is in the making at the moment but we not sure when it’s dropping but it is in the making,” he added.

“I’m also preparing an EP of which I can’t deeply talk about because it contains a lot of public features, that’s somebody that you may also know maybe from TV,” Witty finished.

What’s Witty’s ultimate goal as a musician?

We are aware that Witty is still fresh in the game, however, we were still keen to know what his goal is as a rapper.

“My goal is to improve and grow from my current ability and knowledge within the music industry to a better standard after each and every step I have taken,” he simply answered.

Which Capetonian artists would Witty want to work with?

Cape Town is filled with musical talents so it was only fair to question who Witty had in mind if he had the opportunity to work with any of them.

“The artists in Cape Town who I’d like to work with firstly is Bravo LeRoux then the second one would be KashCPT, YoungstaCPT, Leopr3ttyaugust, Teezy Tane, and Priddy Prince,” Witty answered.

How would Witty describe his sound?

Got It is a brilliant track incorporating Witty’s mesmerizing vocal ability over the chorus while rapping over hard trap beats and heavy 808s.

However, Witty offers something new to the table, bringing a type of sound we couldn’t describe so we asked the rapper how he’d describe his unique sound.

“My sound is unique and wavy but after all, it’s classic and relevant,” he started.

“My sound is because I can trap and rap at the same time and I’m still trying to get that major spot on singing because now I do trap hard, I do rap hard but I’m still trying to get it together and also get to singing very well,” continued the rapper.

“It’s a new wave sound that is still imagining because in 2021 we’re seeing a lot of artists coming with different sounds and styles but this is my own style that’s unique and classic but relevant at the same time,” Witty concluded.

Witty may be new to the game but the kid knows what he wants to achieve and with hard work, we’re sure he’ll reach the highest levels in the music world.

Check out his hit single Got It, now available on all streaming platforms.