Trusted SLK

Trusted SLK unveils visuals to ‘Uyathetha’ [video]

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

Cape Town’s Trusted SLK finally released her music video to her breakout track titled Uyathetha, bringing us viewers an entertaining visual experience.

Uyathetha: A breakdown of the video

The Sportscene’s Put Me On Competition winner came out with a bang, dropping a polished music video that dropped on the Sportscene YouTube channel.

Being directed by YOUNGMATEE and produced by Dengcebz, the music video follows the young SLK making life a living hell for a character we think was either one of her haters or someone she had a fallout with.

The visuals see SLK taunting, interrogating, controlling, and eventually kidnapping the young man as she drives off in a flashy Mercedes Benz.

The video ends off with the young man digging up, what we can guess, is his own grave while her two bodyguards watch over him.

The music video has some great and interesting shots like her scene where she is seen controlling the young man via strings as if she were a puppeteer while he forcefully plays the piano.

We also enjoyed the shots of the young star dancing around with legendary hip-hop producer Tweezy, and it was brilliant to see them enjoying themselves.

Trusted SLK and her next move?

The Capetonian rapper has a bright future ahead of her and with the release of the music video to Uyathetha, there surely should be more in store for her.

Having been chosen as a Puma brand ambassador, she also has a bright future in the world of fashion and sportswear, as seen in the video where she flaunts the newest Puma gear.

With another single rumored to feature Tweezy again, the Cape Town scene can’t wait to see what SLK can further offer to the rap game as the future of Cape Town hip-hop.

Check out the music video, out now on YouTube.