TembiPowers strikes gold with ‘Loving You’

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

Rising Cape Town rapper TembiPowers released his track Loving You alongside the talented singer Berny.

Loving You: Two sides of a love story

Although Tembi is more involved in the hip hop scene, growing his image as a lyrical rapper, this song falls into the R&B genre.

However, Tembi did not disappoint showcasing his lovely singing ability, creating a beautiful melody, and a satisfying chorus.

The song features the talented vocals from Berny as they go back and forth with both talents telling a side of a story.

Tembi sings about how he never received the attention from the woman he was around however now that he has some sort of clout he doesn’t understand why they now choose to show him any kind of attention.

This is clear in the lyrics when Thembi sings “smoke a little weed just to get by, women used to put me on standby, now they hang with us just to get fly, I don’t even get why”.

However, from Berny’s perspective, she states that she had always shown him attention, and she questions if Tembi truly loved her for who she is.

She goes on further telling Tembi to stop being immature and to toughen up which is heard through her lyrics “stop acting like a boy, you really need to man up”.

This is a great love song and it highlights Tembi’s versatility as a musician.

What’s TembiPowers next step in the game?

TembiPowers has been hyped for a long time but has yet to have taken the giant leap into the mainstream.

As difficult as it is to make a name for one’s self in the hip-hop game, Tembi has all the talent and potential to take Cape Town hip-hop to the next level.

The Capetonian has received co-signs from many artists and has even worked with trap star Flvme so it’s clear to see that he’s got that star quality about him.

With the release of Loving You, we have high hopes for what more Tembi can offer the music world.