Tembi Powers

Tembi Powers unveils the visual to ‘Loving You’ [video]

12 April 2021 - 10:54

Tembi Powers released his ‘Loving You’ visual alongside Berny and fans await his ‘Benny Watts’ music video.

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

After the release of his R&B single titled Loving You, Tembi Powers finally released the visuals for the song alongside the talented Berny.

What’s our take on the ‘Loving You’ visual by Tembi Powers

The music video starts off with a shot of the two artists walking through a sandy coast, smoking a joint while the track begins to play in the background.

Tembi goes off rapping his lyrics while facing Berny as if they’re having a discussion, fitting the whole scenery of the song as it is a discussion between the two.

Halfway through the visual is where Berny beautifully enters the song with her charming singing ability.

Since the track follows a style of dialogue between the two artists, we get a chance to hear Berny’s side of the story to the song.

The music video ends with a shot of the two dancing on the attractive Cape Town shores and enjoying their time together inside a room while they face each other.

The visual, being shot by irv.xcv visuals, is a decent effort showcasing some pleasing shots of the Cape coasts and some cool slow-motion shots of the two artists.

Check out the music video, now available on YouTube.

Tembi still has more on the way

The Cape Town rapper has confirmed the release of the Benny Watts visual will be happening.

Although it has unofficially been released, the visual for the track seems to already be complete with Power’s releasing the full music video on Instagram.

We’re not sure if Power’s is waiting for the right time to release the visual, however, many of his fans are anticipating the official unveiling of the music video.

It seems like 2021 might be the year Tembi takes his music output to the next level, especially if he’s already finished two music videos in such a short time.