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SuZPekt gets crazy for ‘Stiek Uit’ visuals alongside illRow [video]

15 April 2021 - 15:45

SuZPekt teams up with illRow for the ‘Stiek Uit’ visual hoping to be his breakout single.

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

Cape Town rapper, SuZPekt, finally released the music video to his track titled Stiek Uit featuring the Cape Doctor known, illRow.

How did SuZPekt and illRow impress on the ‘Stiek Uit’ visual?

The music video opens up with a shot of SuZPekt chilling in his crib, smoking a cigarette before he answers his phone, and converses with an associate of his.

This is when the music begins to start, having the rapper cruise around his neighbourhood, sipping his Black Label, and chilling with his crew.

He goes off rapping about the daily shenanigans that go on throughout his life in the Cape Flats before gifting us the catchy hook for the track.

Soon after, illRow pulls up with his entertaining lyrical talent, bringing us a short yet entertaining verse with shots of him rapping outside a spaza shop while chilling with his friends.

The visual closes with a final verse from SuZPekt while everyone in the shot seems to be having fun drinking, dancing, playing dominoes, and singing along to the track.

This was a dope visual experience, being shot by Daniel Nyati, making any viewer have more of an understanding of how entertaining the Cape Flats can be with the video being shot in Lotus River.

Check out the video, now available on YouTube.

Is he back for good?

You’d think that SuZPekt is new on the scene, however, the Mother City rapper has released previous work from way back.

He started releasing tracks on Soundcloud like Skitzononymous, I’m Cold, and Money, Power and Drugs which were all released six years ago.

He then went on to release more work like OMP I’m done (2017), Lowlife (2019), and King Pie (2020) all on YouTube.

However, Stiek Uit might be his most successful track, with the visuals numbers increasing and it’s no surprise due to having a clean-cut visual and having a talented feature like illRow assisting.

We can’t wait to see what else the rapper can offer the Cape Town rap scene.