Orish talks being a producer, Ma’Orange, and more on his music

Ntsika Novoyi - 06.05.2021

Orish let’s us chat to him about being a producer, his projects, and a little bit more.

Cape Town musician, Orish, has been on the grind trying to make a name for himself in the Hip-Hop world.

We were blessed with the opportunity to chat with the artist and to find out a little bit more about him.

The interview: What we learned about Orish

In this interview, we found out more about Orish’s background as a producer, his ever-evolving sound, his past projects, and more on his collaborations with artists all over Mzansi.

How did Orish learn his craft in producing music?

Besides being a talented rapper, Orish is also a talented music producer.

He’s gone on to produce music for artists like SimulationRxps, K.Keed, and Guy Onke.

We wanted to know a little bit more about how he learned his trade in beat-making.

“Yeah, I prefer the title producer more because I like touching everything I jump on in terms of making the beat,” he stated.

“I started making beats back in 2015 producing for the gang only,” he added.

He continued to explain a bit more about how he perfected his production skills.

“Native Clan from Gugz, that’s us,” Orish continued.

“I learned how to make beats through YouTube after asking people to teach me how to but my big homie told me to fail pushing forward so I never looked back,” he concluded.

Has his style of music evolved?

Hip-Hop is forever changing, so we wanted to know if Orish’s style has evolved since the beginning of his music career.

“Definitely, because when I was 13, we were recording songs on my Blackberry 9320, but back then I was inspired by Tyler The Creator, Andre 3000, and Kanye West a lot so my music sounded more like their music because of the impact they had on me,” answered the musician.

“As I grew, my music taste expanded into different genres and I even started digging up old songs that me and my dad used to listen to back in the days just to get back that feeling,” he continued.

“My memory is my music bank,” he quickly added.

What was the creative process behind his projects?

Orish released his Ma’Orange project in 2019 following this release with his Ma’Orange Reloaded project in 2020.

We wanted to know what his creative process was behind making these two titles.

“To be honest, there was no direction behind it,” he answered.

High key we just winged it on the first one but the reloaded is where I was trying to introduce a new sound and experimenting more on different vocal ranges,” he added.

“I’m not really a singer or anything but I like using everything as an instrument,” finished the rapper.

Does he want to work with more artists outside of the Mother City?

Orish has worked with a lot of Capetonian musicians, recently dropping Sondela alongside other Cape Town rappers, Lookatups and K.Keed.

We asked the young musician if he had any plans of branching out with artists from other locations or he just wanted to focus on working with Cape Town artists.

“Yeah most definitely because I have been working with from different cities for a minute now,” he happily responded.

“On Mpumelelo, I had HennyBeLit from Mdantsane, East London,” Orish added.

“They all go hard including my Cape Town n*ggas,” he amusingly added.

What’s his ultimate goal?

In our final question, we wanted to know what Orish’s main goal would be in the world of music.

“Best songwriter in the world,” he simply answered.

We’re sure to see more from the Cape Town talent whether it be in his rapping or production.

Check out his hit single titled Sondela, now available on all digital streaming platforms and our Cape Town Buzz playlist.