LewSwag talks on his rise, new mixtape and more

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

Cape Town musician, LewSwag blessed us with the opportunity to chat with him and find out more about himself and what to expect from his upcoming tape titled Only For The Heroes scheduled to release in the near future.

The interview: A breakdown of our chat with LewSwag

The Cape Town star has been in the music scene for quite some time, having released multiple singles like his tracks G.O.M.B, Twerk Song and his most recent single Can’t Get.

With a long passion for music, we wanted to know a little bit more about Lew’s backstory and what influenced him to pursue a career in the world of music.

“I’ve always been a music fan since I was a kid, I liked strange sounds for some reason and first started off as a DJ at like 13 with some of my friends getting gigs at local parties, then at 16 I started learning how to produce my own music and I wasn’t really interested in a specific genere, I just created what I felt at that moment.” said the musician.

“To me it isn’t just about hip-hop but about music in general, I like being seen as a creator more then just being seen as a rapper.” he added.

With the upcoming release of his mixtape titled Only For The Heroes, we wanted to dive deep and grab any information on what to expect from the highly anticipated project.

“Nothing but great sonics, nothing but the truth about my life, what I’m interested in, what I aspire to achieve in the future, nothing but new and fresh sounds, little bit of singing, not the same sounds but still hip-hop and other genres mixed inbetween.” he simply replied.

We had yet to receive any word on a final release date, so we thought this would be the perfect time to squeeze out any sort of date for the release.

“Sorry bro I’m still perfecting it so I too don’t know the date.” he humorously responded.

Cape Town could finally be in its golden generation of producing hip-hop talents who could compete with the Johannesburg/Pretoria scene, so we were eager to know if there were any other Capetonian artists Lew would possibly like to work within the future.

“Nope can’t think of anyone right now.” the rapper simply responded.

We’re aware of how tough the music world can be and how hard work finally pays off, so we asked Lew what advice he’d give out to someone wanting to follow in his footsteps.

“I’d have to say, you’ve got to have a true passion for what you really want, if you’re meant to do it then you won’t give up,” started the musician.

“I believe everybody has a gift, and if you don’t know yours then you don’t, but if you do and you want to live off your gift then you have to keep going, keep believing in your dreams, believing in yourself,” he continued.

“Of course you have to do something on the side to sustain yourself because we all need money at the end of the day, and yeah, you just need to know yourself and close your ears and eyes and not listen to any negative feedback or whatever from other people and really believe in yourself and your sound and your own phrases and gimmicks,” he added.

“Hence why my mixtape is titled Only For The Heroes because I believe heroes never give up, they keep going, keep trying until it pops off.” he concluded.

With advice like that, it’s obvious that LewSwag is well experienced in the music scene and we look forward to the release of his mixtape Only For The Heroes, hopefully releasing soon.