Kashcpt finally delivers his ‘Hold you down’ visuals [video]

23 April 2021 - 10:13

Kashcpt serenades his lady on the visual for ‘Hold you down’ alongside Manu Worldstar, adding to his many successes

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

Cape Town singer and rapper, Kashcpt, teamed up with Manu Worldstar to release the music video to his hit song Hold you down, coming off his 2020 project, Cape Town Radio.

How Kashcpt made the ‘Hold you down’ visual satisfying

Hold you down starts with Manu beautifully singing his chorus while sitting on a vintage-looking train, bringing about a classic feeling to the visual.

We get a few shots of a mysterious lady lounging on the train before we finally get to see Kash make his first appearance in the visual, hanging out in an antique-style library.

We get to see Kash and this mysterious lady be together inside the library, with Kash serenading his love for the woman who seems to also be enjoying his passionate words.

We get some more entertaining shots of Kash stroking a fake black horse, the girl strolling through the old-fashioned train, and Manu hanging inside a room filled with vintage motor vehicles.

The song is a decent attempt on the Afro-pop genre and Manu was an ideal feature with the music video bringing everything to life.

The music video was a pleasant visual experience with some cool close-ups, beautiful lighting, and some impressive shots being shot, directed, and edited by Grimmshots.

Check out the visual, now available on YouTube.

Kashcpt keeps finding success under NeverBroke

After signing under with NeverBroke, Kash has been impressing in the music world.

The Capetonian went on to impress after the release of his 2021 project titled Cape Town Radio gifting music listeners a whole variety of entertaining tunes like JA$MINE, WINNING, and VI$A.

He’s gone on to work with multiple other artists like Mr Heinz CPT, Kilo Kami, Flow Jones, J-Clu, and DEEP$.

Just recently, the Cape Town rapper released his KING CPT FREESTYLE “$$$”, releasing it on his social media’s going on to impress many of his fans as the rapper spoke on police brutality, the corruption that plagues the government, and the struggles the ordinary person has to go through in South Africa.