K.Keed discusses her EP, working with Dee Koala and Blxckie, and more

9 April 2021 - 12:02

K.Keed chats to us on her decision to pursue hip-hop, her EP and working with Dee Koala and Blxckie on ‘Spazz’

Written by Ntsika Novoyi

Cape Town rising star K.Keed has been showing a lot of promise as the next best thing out of Cape Town, so we needed to have a chat with her and find out more about herself.

What did we learn from the K.Keed interview?

Over a brief chat with the Capetonian rapper, we discovered a lot about her including more details about her decision to pursue music, her R E L I G I O N EP, and her experience working with Dee Koala and Blxckie.

What got Keed into music?

We were aware that K.Keed had been in the music world for around three years releasing most of her work over on Soundcloud.

Starting off our discussion we wanted to get an idea of how the young rapper decided to pursue a career in the music world as an artist.

“It was actually, to be specific, through a friend because I had never thought I was capable of writing my own music and actually loving it,” she started.

“So one holiday a while back around 2017, we shared that bond of music, and we both loved music so we just connected through that, so he used to always bring beats and we would just listen to it,” Keed continued.

Keed continued to share her story of how she took music seriously.

“He would freestyle or write something to it and it was sounding dope at the time but awe, this one day he wanted us to all write something for the beat and something clicked in my head and it opened another part of me that I never knew I had,” she added.

“I was like cool okay give me thirty minutes, I went to my house, listened to the beat, and I took out a pen and started writing and I was flowing,” Keed continued.

“I wasn’t forcing it, things were just coming to me and I was like this is actually super dope and I enjoyed doing it and thirty minutes later I went back to them and they were f*cking with it and I was surprised myself,” said the rapper.

“This is something I never thought I was capable of doing and now I’m actually loving it and since then I never stopped writing music or creating sh*t, so that’s what got me into music,” she concluded.

How did R E L I G I O N come about?

Keed dropped her 2020 EP titled R E L I G I O N impressing many with her impressive skill and talent as a trap artist gifting us with songs like BLOCK HOT, MATE, and VIBEZ.

We wanted to find out what her creative process was behind the production of this project.

“In the beginning of 2020, I was just going to the studio a lot, and every week I was there recording something new because I had been getting beats and I was inspired to work more,” Keed replied.

“So yeah, then I thought about it and I was asking a couple of people and they were asked why didn’t take out a body of work, and I hadn’t done that in a while so I was like OK, why not?” she continued.

“Everything just came naturally because the perfect producers pulled up on me, the collabs were just awesome too,” said the rapper.

Keed went on to explain the meaning behind the title of the project.

“The whole concept of naming the EP R E L I G I O N was just something that I resonate to because religion is something that you strongly believe in and I believe in music,” Keed stated.

“Music is something else and I believe in it so much so it connects with me on another level and I even have a tattoo on my body saying music is my religion,” she continued.

“It came naturally and it was fun doing it and I was taking my time with, but at some point, I tried to rush it but I was like no, I want to take out a project that people can enjoy and explore different genres because different parts of me are expressed in the EP,” she concluded.

What was Keed’s experience like working with Dee Koala and Blxckie?

On Friday the 9th of March 2021, Dee Koala released her first single titled Spazz under her new label having Blxckie and K.Keed work alongside her for the hitsingle.

We wanted to know how Keed was able to get on a track with such massive names in the game right now.

“The collab was possible through Dee,” confirmed the rapper.

“Dee and I had met a while back in like 2018, and she was friends with some people I know so we connected through that,” Keed continued.

“We’d always see each other at events and everything and we just clicked and it was vibes so we’d always kept in contact but for us to collab in 2021 is just amazing and it’s like a milestone for me because we’ve known each other and we’d been grinding for so long and she in her bag right now and I’m super proud,” said Keed.

The rapper continued to deatil her experience working with such talents around her.

“She had already linked up with Blxckie in Jozi so everything was just awesome and everyone was feeling the vibes,” said Keed.

“Everything from there was okay and we created Spazz and she pulled up for a studio session that I had organised with her and then everything was vibes and I can’t express how dope it was for us to work on that track and it was just amazing at the studio,” Keed concluded.

What’s next for K.Keed?

Keed has been active in recent weeks dropping the visuals to her track Mate and also appearing on the visual for Ewiva’s Ithini Iwey track.

With all this work done, we wanted to know if the rapper would keep the momentum going and be releasing anything in the near future.

“There’s a lot in store for me this year and I don’t want to say too much,” she humorously replied.

“Yes I dropped Mate and Ithini Iwey visuals and that’s pretty dope, but after Spazz there’s a lot for me and I haven’t dropped a single this year,” she continued.

“So be on the look out for that for sure, I don’t want to say much but there’s a lot of stuff going on for me so expect the most, stay alert and keep up with me,” concluded Keed.

K.Keed has a lot of potential to lead the Cape Town wave and she continues to rise in the Cape Town music scene.

Check out her EP R E L I G I O N available on all streaming platforms.