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Guy Onke talks on inspirations, ‘iiWay’, and the future of Xhosa Rap

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

Cape Town rapper, Guy Onke, was more than happy to chat with us about what goes on in his world as an upcoming musician from the Mother City.

What interesting facts did we discover about Guy Onke?

Recently, Onke has been popping in the Cape Town rap scene, putting out some enjoyable pieces of art for music listeners to enjoy.

With his fun and explosive sound of music, we wanted to know who or what inspired the rapper to pursue a career in music.

“I was inspired by a lot of things and people, one of them was Pitch Black Afro,” Onke started.

“I wrote my first rap verse ever in Grade 5 after listening to his Styling Gel album, and my biggest influence was Kendrick Lamar who changed my whole perspective on hip-hop music.” he added.

“I’m also inspired a lot by my surroundings, coming from the hood and the type of environment I grew up in and I could have easily rapped about some killings and what not but I chose to see the beauty.” he concluded.

The rapper released the banger remix to his track iiWay featuring Cape Town rising stars Greek, SimulationRxps, Bravo LeRoux, and BhutLegend.

With such a roster, we wanted to know what the process was to get all these artists on one joint and to also find out what the experience must’ve been working with such talents.

“It was so much fun, I won’t lie,” he happily answered.

“Me, Greek, SimulationRxps, and Bravo all recorded our parts on the same day and same place,” he added.

“I only met BhutLegend the following day after the Music & Life interview, I played him the song and he immediately fell in love with it, and Zolani Jama already suggested it to him, so yeah I sent him the joint and he laced his part, and here we are.” he finished.

Having released his impressive 2020 EP IZANDI ZOMOYA and his recent release of the iiWay remix, we wanted to know what the rappers’ plans were for 2021, and if he was in project mode.

“We’re working on the deluxe version IZANDA ZOMOYA, and yeah it’s dropping later this year.” revealed the rapper.

The Xhosa rap genre is booming in the Mother City with rappers blowing up from all different hoods increasing their presence at a rapid rate showing signs that the city might be in its golden era of producing top-tier talents.

We wanted to know what Onke’s hopes were when it came to pushing the genre to the next level.

“We really just want to be heard you know, I’m hoping that people look at it as music instead of just Xhosa Rap,” Onke stated.

“I hope they look beyond the language barriers, yes we are Xhosa rappers but you know I really wish they could consume it as music as opposed to just putting this label on it.” he clarified.

In our final question for the artist, we simply wanted to know, if it wasn’t for his career as a musician, what else would the rapper possibly be doing?

“Eish, I don’t know hey,” he humorously responded.

“I’d probably be focusing more on film and production.” he concluded.

Guy Onke is one for the future and throughout this interview, it was plain to see he has a clear goal at becoming the best artist he can be.

We cannot wait for the deluxe version of his IZANDI ZOMOYA EP, but for now check out his hit remix iiWay, now available on all streaming platforms and featuring in the Cape Town Buzz Spotify playlist.