Gung Ho

Gung Ho: 5 things you should know about this CPT duo

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

The Cape Town duo known as Gung Ho, graced us with the opportunity to learn a bit more about themselves and how they came about.

Gung Ho: 5 different facts about the duo

We were able to chat with the two Gung Ho members, Nqobile Eland and Siya Sam, and find out a little more about the duo who are making waves in the Cape Town music and fashion scene.

1. Long lost family

Speaking with the pair we found out that the two are more than just friends, and the two are actually related after they had met each other at a party.

We met at a party, I saw her and I liked her and I wanted to be her friend, so we exchanged numbers and found out that we were actually family,” said Siya.

“After that we found out that we both shared a super interest in music, writing and creating and that’s when we decided to get together mainly because you don’t get to see a baddie duo in Cape Town often and we really felt that Cape Town needed that.” she concluded.

2. While they’re family, they’re also best friends

Even though the two are cousins, the pair stated that they’re also the best of friends.

“We’re also best friends, we also go out a lot and spend a lot of time together,” began Sam.

“We’re not just cousins or colleagues because we work together in music but we’re also best friends.” she concluded.

3. The duo love spending time with their friends

Although they share a lot of special moments, the duo still keeps it simple in their daily lives.

“We are idyan, so we love having fun together, chilling with our friends, we love our beer, and we just basically that vibe,” said the duo.

“We’re not your typical girly girls, but at the same time we do have that feminine touch and we do have that gangster side.” they humorously added.

4. What they want to bring into the industry

With the duo having released their interesting yet enjoyable song and visuals for the track Gung Ho, being produced by Lay-Lay, the duo expressed what they have to offer to the music scene.

“We wanted to bring a different perspective, the female that is not too girly, not the awkward between femininity and masculinity female, and we just trying to have a good time with people.” said Eland.

5. How would Gung Ho describe their sound?

The two ladies have their own unique style of music so we were eager to know exactly how they’d describe their sound.

“Our sound is very laidback vibes, like really laidback, so it’s not in your face but at the same time it is,” said the duo.

“I don’t know how to describe it, its actually something that is so new that we can’t use the words that are out there yet to describe who we are and what our sound is,” they continued.

“That’s how new we are and that’s how versatile we are,” said Sam.

The duo continued to explain how they came about their unique style of music.

“We mostly dabble along the lines of hip-hop, alternative hip hop, but Siya Sam has a more jazzy vibe to the music, she listens to Lauryn Hill and Eryka Badu and I have an indie vibe to my sound,” stated Eland.

“So together it really is a beautiful mix and the sound is alternative, it’s different, it’s like this is hip-hop but wow it’s a different type of hip-hop, this is pop but a different type of pop, this is R&B but wow it’s got a twist and that’s why we make such a great duo because of the different backgrounds.” they concluded.

The duo are down-to-earth girls who do the extra interesting things like dying their hair, getting piercings, and attending artsy festivals and they added how they’re very adventurous.

Gung Ho may have a bright future ahead of them and with a EP on the way, we can’t wait to see what more the duo can offer to the Cape Town music scene.

Be sure to check out their video Gung Ho, on YouTube.