Dre Autumn

Dre Autumn finally returns with ‘Northside’ [audio]

Published by Ntsika Novoyi

Cape Town rapper, Dre Autumn, returned to the game after a long hiatus, releasing his first 2021 single titled Northside alongside Soulful Clay.

Northside: How did Dre Autumn impress?

The song gives off a fun and vibey listening experience being performed by both Dre and Clay.

However, if you listen closely to the lyrics, Autumn voices out his troubles with his mental state, especially in his lyrics “walking with my demons, heard they love me but I gotta keep walking”.

Dre does a good job at proceeding to air out what seems to be the issues that have been going on in his life and how he has to deal with them.

Halfway through the song, Soulful Clay displays his beautiful singing ability creating the catchy hook with his angelic voice that can easily get stuck in any listener’s head.

The beat, produced by Clay, creates a fun atmosphere that fits the vibe of the song, with soft piano keys playing while heavy 808s kick in with the final touch of a high-pitched voice crying in the background.

Check out the song, now available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Does Dre have what it takes?

The young rapper has only stepped out into the limelight after signing to the Retro Records Music Label, who also recently signed the talented Gemma Fassie.

This is after the rapper showed signs of promise after his past releases dating back to 2018.

He had released multiple singles like Blurred Lines (2018), No Finesse (2019), I’m The One (2020), and Workin (2020).

He has yet to release any body of work, however, it wouldn’t be a surprise if one was in the works for the near future.

However, after a long break from making music, this would be a great way to officially introduce the rapper to the hip-hop world, showcasing the rapper’s talents to the whole nation.

But for now, we’ll have to continue bumping that Northside while we wait.